August Goals | 2017

Hello Everyone!

I hope your weekend was good and you either had a fun, adventurous one or a relaxing one, either way, I hope it was good!
Today I thought I would share my goals for August with you! I can't believe it's already August! It feels like last week I was nervous about getting my Cochlear Implant surgery but really, it's been 4 months since! Crazy! I skipped last months goals so I thought it was time to write another one! I did do a June Goals if you haven't read that one yet.

If you would like to see what goals I have set for myself this month, please keep on reading! πŸ™‚

Personal Goals:

1. Recently I started on a weight loss journey which I wrote my first post on it telling you guys my story about two weeks ago. I won't get much into it as I will be uploading another post in two weeks which will include before and after photos to see my progress etc. If you follow me on Twitter, I share my walking journeys with you all and I would love to continue on walking every day. I have been counting my steps instead of calories or distance as it seems to be motivating me more! I aim for 10,000 steps a day, if I can't get that many, I try to get at least 7,000 steps done. Next week will be week 4 of my journey and apparently by week 4, you're either meant to start feeling a change or noticing a change in your body, I can't remember, but I am excited to get on the scales and see how I am doing!

2. The last few weekends I have been socializing more and going out with friends and enjoying myself. If you know me in person, you'll know I am quite a shy person that likes to stick to myself and basically not leave my house, heh. I want to continue with going out and being with friends and make memories that I'll be able to look back on and laugh. This is such a cliché bloody goal but if you're an extreme introvert like me, you'll understand.

3. Save money. Since I've been walking and not driving anywhere, I've started to save more money than I ever have been able too. I don't feel the need to buy 10,000 skin care products that most likely won't work for me or spend a shit load on food like I use to. I do still buy makeup, but I only order like 1 or 2 high-end products on my pay week and that's it, which is a huge thing for me. So by the end of August, I'd love to see at least $600 or $700 in my savings!

Blogging Goals:

1. I recently hit 700+ followers on my blog, which is huge for me, so I would love to be able to reach at least 850 followers by the end of August! I've only been blogging for 4-5 months and I never expected to reach this many followers at all! Thank you to everyone who has followed me and supported me, I love you guys!

2. Following on from the above goal, I recently achieved 7000 views on my blog.. 7000!! It's so crazy knowing so many people around the world has seen/read my blog! In saying that, I would love to be able to reach 8000 by the end of August!

3. Stay active on Instagram. Recently I have neglected my Instagram because I haven't been happy with my photos, and people who do the follow and then unfollow when you follow back really pisses me off so it makes me not even want to bother with it. But, I do want to start being active again now that I have found the perfect lighting in my house to take photos.

And that is it for this post! I know it's not many goals for both personal and blogging but we have to be realistic here, lol. I really hope I can achieve all the goals, if not, I won't be mad, I'll just try again next month!

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What are your goals for this month? I'd love to know, so leave a comment below!

Until next time,


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32 thoughts on “August Goals | 2017

  1. Totally can relate with you on #2 and #3. I’m trying my best right now to push myself and just socialize more as I’m an extreme introvert as well. xoxo

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  2. Oh people on instagram really wind me up doing that! I’ve loved reading this post and I hope you see the results you’re after on your weight loss journey. Since leaving home 2 years ago I’ve put on weight and I want rid of it but I never seem to stick to anything I try and then I just put it back on again so I’d be really interested to see how you’re doing it! Good luck! x

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