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Hey Guys!

Before I get into this post I would like to say that my blog recently hit 3000! views! I can’t believe so many of you like viewing/reading my blog and I am so thankful for all of you! Thank you for supporting me and making my blogging journey amazing! I feel I say this a lot but I honestly can’t think of anything else to say apart from thank you!

Moving on to what this post is actually about, many of you have asked me how I edit my Blog and Instagram photos so I thought I would just do a whole post on it to show you guys! It’s very simple and I don’t use many apps at all.
If you would like to know how I edit my photos, please keep reading. 🙂

So the first thing I’ll mention is what I use to take my photos.. which is really simple, I use my iPhone 5s. (I am soon to upgrade, woo!) You don’t need a fancy camera (even though it would be amazing to have, let’s be honest here), you just need your phone and well the camera on it.
I always make sure the camera is focused properly when I take my photos. You don’t want your photo to be all blurry and out of focus, so when taking your photo, tap the screen where you want it to focus on and it’ll focus. (How many times do I want to say ‘focus’?)

Once you have taken your photo (or 50, again, let’s be honest here) it’s time for the editing. The apps I use to edit my photos are Facetune, VSCO and CanvaIf I want to make a collage, which is rarely ever, I use Collageable. 

I start off using Facetune. I only use Facetune to whiten the background of my photo if it looks really dull and then I add a bit of ‘detail’ to the writing on a product if you can’t see it very well. I don’t go all out with editing my photos because well, what’s the point?

I then go onto using VSCO. This is my favorite editing app! I have been using this app for so long, I don’t think any other app will beat it.
How I use VSCO to edit my photos is:
Step 1: Add the photo shade you want. I use HB1 and tone it done to +2.3.
Step 2: Adjust brightness and contrast. For contrast, I have mine on +1.5 and for brightness, I have mine on +0.4. And that’s it!

To make things easier and to make sure all your photos are the same, press on a recent photo you edited and go down to your right hand corner, there will be 3 dots, press that and go down to ‘copy edits’ – un-press the photo you’re on and press the photo you want to edit and then go back down to the 3 dots and click ‘paste edit’ – this pastes the exact editing you did on a recent photo to your new photo.
Doing this has made editing my photos so much easier and quicker!

Now onto the last step for editing my photos, CanvaI use Canva mainly for my featured images. If I want to have writing on my featured image, I tone down the saturation of my photo and add the text style ‘The New Me’ and write what I want my post to be, if that makes sense? I’ll also use it if I want to add two photos in 1 photo (does that even make sense?) like the photo below. That’s all I really do with this app.

The photo on the left is edited. The photo on the right is unedited. See how there isn’t much of a difference?

All these editing techniques I do, I do for both my blog photos and Instagram photos. I may sometimes add a instagram filter, usually ‘Aden‘ and tone it down to 15, just to add a little more colour to the photo, but I very rarely do that.

So that is it for this post! This is super easy to do and it doesn’t take me long to do either. Just a little tip for beginners, when editing or posting a photo, make sure you can actually see the photo! Turn the brightness up if it’s too dark and maybe add a cute little background? These little things will bring a lot more readers to your blog!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post, if you did, please give it a like!
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Until next time,


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